With approximately 25% of the country’s condominium units represented, the majority of our growth is referral-based from those recognizing the benefits that come from our service specialization.


"EOI Direct makes condominium certificates of insurance easier for everybody. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard 'Oh good! You use EOI Direct…We already have an account set up with them' from lenders and closing agents."

Perry Kotsoglou, Commercial Insurance Services


"EOI Direct worked so well for my agency, I told all my agency owner friends about it. They joined, too! EOI Direct has really become a recognized standard for condominium certificates in our region because we’re all using EOI."

Larry Paddock, Paddock Insurance


"Man you guys are fast. I love it. Thank you."

Melissa Sampson, Wells Fargo


"I also gave your information to a few other Nationwide Agents in my commercial meeting on Tues. I swear by you guys!!!!!!!!!!"

Cathy Powell, Matt Stone Insurance Agency


"Thank you for your help! You were super quick about sending this to me. Both the borrower and I greatly appreciate that."

Joshua D. Tabak, Bank of America


"We serve management companies, developers, and self-managed communities in 15 states and counting. EOI Direct has been a value-add partnership that has been essential in accommodating our certificate needs as we continue to grow across the country. Whether it’s a small agency with just a few community associations or an agency like ours with a national footprint, EOI Direct takes the pain out of certificates of insurance for everyone."

Katie Vaughn, CiraConnect Insurance Services


"WOW… That was less than 10 seconds…You guys are the best!!! Have a Great Day!"

Renee Schmidt, Wilmington Trust


"Not knowing much about how to use the Internet very well, I decided to call your customer service Ph # and was lucky to get Ms. Elizabeth on the line. I received such professional, amicable and understanding service from her that I felt obligated to write a line about her attitude toward customer service, in one single word: EXCELLENT."

Edmundo J. Deshon, Homeowner


"You are the best!!!"

James Myers, Western Resources Title


"Mark, Thank you so much for all your help! You rock!!"

Robert Illing, Homeower


"Thank you very much. You are the best."

Alice Kurkjian, Bank of America


"A big kudo to all your reps who were very kind when this old lady had such a bad time using the computer to request a copy of a certificate of insurance. A special thank u to Jordan who had the patience of Job and Helen who had the answers and I forgot another young gal who was very nice. If you are the supervisor of all these people you have done a great job of training them. It's so difficult for older people to transfer their know how to a computer. Darn computer won't talk to me but your great reps were terrific. And that makes you terrific too.....Thank u all....."

Shirley Jandron, Homeowner


"Thank you for the great service!"

Michelle Anne, CondoTek


"You rock. Thank you."

Gracie Gorrocino, Stewart Title


"You all do a wonderful job for us."

Debbie Dickson, Brown & Brown of Florida


"You are the best out there!"

Cheryl Waxe, Community Association Insurance Solutions


"I love your site! The site is so easy and I love how you can get the certificate every year within three minutes, I wish my mortgage company wouldn’t send me threatening letters in the mail, but it is comforting to have this EOI site on my side."

David Moylan, Homeowner


"Thank you so very much for your quick and efficient service. It was appreciated very much."

Cheri Harris, Homeowner


"Thank you for quickest response ever, you are the best!"

Alexander Koulik, Homeowner


"Sooo appreciate your customer service!!"

Lisa Segovia, Envoy Mortgage


"“I can't thank you enough. If there is a customer satisfaction survey, I will be happy to take it and give 5 stars."

Amy Buteau, Homeowner


"Thank you so much. This was a most pleasant experience dealing with the excellent customer service at EOI."

Fereydoun Kian, Homeowner


"Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and again my most sincere compliments to your Web Master for the design of the instructions for completing the Application Form; one of the most user friendly ones ever encountered by the writer."

Jerry Nothman, Homeowner


"Wow, it doesn’t get any faster than that. Thanks so much! Have a great weekend."

Kit O'Connor, Presidential Mortgage Group


"Thank you for making life a bit easier."

Rebecca Gaiser, Homeowner


"EOI has removed the time consuming burden of preparing condominium certificates and dealing with lenders. I don’t understand how any agency could continue to do these kinds of certificates in-house."

Paul M. Zane, Zane Insurance Agency


"It would take a full-time person just to keep up with our condo certificate requests if we didn’t have EOI Direct. EOI is really a competitive advantage for agencies that write condominium associations and pride themselves on service. EOI takes the calls out of our office from lenders so we can spend our time focusing on clients."

Jim Cirillo Jr., Alliance Insurance


"Thanks for this info, it confirms what I have dealing with when trying to persuade State Farm to use EOI’s services. I have received a couple of Flood Insurance renewals for the association that uses State Farm so I’m hoping that the board will approve using another company for their flood insurance. Their property insurance is by a different company and that company does use EOI, which makes life SO MUCH MORE SIMPLE!!! I’m hoping to use this other company to pick up the flood insurance but I appreciate the offer to look at other vendors. If the board does not want to go with this company then I may be back in touch to get some recommendations. Thank you and your team for your services. We all love using you in our office."

Rhonda Gomez, Pointe Management Group, Inc.


"I love your site! The site is so easy and I love how you can get the certificate every year within three minutes, I wish my mortgage company wouldn’t send me threatening letters in the mail, but it is comforting to have this EOI site on my side."

David Moylan, Homeowner


"Excellent! Thanks for the awesome customer service."

Michelle Trenery, Dan Davis Insurance


"Awesome, Thank you so much your help!!"

Sunny Park, Global Escrow


"I got it today! Thank you for your awesome service and prompt response."

Walther O. Arias, Homeowner


"Thank you for your fast service."

Happy Renita, Homeowner


"It was a lot of work up front – but the payback was immediate once we went live. So happy we made the jump & very much appreciate your walking us through the process!"

Teri Durso, USI Insurance Services


"Thank you so much Ms. Torres! I'm so impressed with your expeditious response! Your professionalism is outstanding and very much appreciated!"

Terry Wortham, Homeowner


"Thank you very much for the quick turnaround."

Christopher Silvera, City First Mortgage


"Thank you for your amazing quick turnaround! You are the best and have a great week-end!"

Greg Rhilliard, Homeowner


"You guys rock- thanks!"

Ronnie Montana, Contact Escrow


"Wow! You ladies are fast! Thanks so much I will send this to our underwriting department. Thanks again."

Tammy Condon, Chevron Federal Credit Union


"You rock!!! Thank so much!"

Christy McDonald, First American Title


"You guys are the BEST!!!!"

Liz Steward, Global Mortgage


"Love your quick and easy service. Thank you!"

Christina Lai, Homeowner


"It is on its way to the printer right now! Wow…that was fast!!!!"

Kelli Melting, Wells Fargo


"Thank you so much. You guys are awesome."

Stefanie Spies, Armstrong/Robitaille/Riegle Insurance


"“Your Service is of Great Help. Keep up the good work."

Daniel Allien, Homeowner


"Thanks for emailing certificate….sure got my bank off my tail…."

Vivian Jallim, Homeowner


"Thanks. You guys are the best!"

Vicki Thomson, Rick Russo Insurance


"Thank you, I just got my EOI. You guys are awesome."

Soraya Shirkhodaei, Direct Funding Inc.


"Thank you for such a quick and effective response. I am VERY impressed. Keep up the good work!!!"

Javada C. Williams, Farmers & Merchants Bank


"“First time user to obtain insurance for my borrower…what a fast, easy and efficient service!!! Very impressed!!!"

Dianne Zimnick, Good Mortgage


"Thanks so much that was fast."

Michael Natter, Wells Fargo


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