How we help Insurance Agents & Insurance Brokers
Insurance Agents & Insurance Brokers benefit from increased customer service, operational efficiencies, and flexible resource allocation as a partner with EOI Direct.
Customer service is enhanced by delivering what customers want, when they want it. Condominium certificate deliveries are made within minutes and can be obtained 24/7/365. Edits and corrections are made on the spot by a responsive help desk offering customer support with a toll-free number.
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We offer the following services to Insurance Agents & Insurance Brokers:
  • Operational efficiencies are created by reducing phone calls requesting certificates of insurance that create interruptions to office workflow. Requests for certificates often begin on our website before the user contacts the management firm to get the insurance agent’s phone number. Calls for edits and corrections are handled by EOI Direct’s help desk further eliminating calls to the insurance agent.
  • Resources previously dedicated to supporting certificate requests can be used in more productive capacities to grow your business. EOI Direct is equivalent to adding staff, without overhead, which creates a competitive advantage for your agency.
  • Provide access to condominium policy information prior, during and immediately after natural disasters when it may not be feasible for your agency to provide policy information to homeowners who are concerned about their risk exposure.
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“It would take a full time person to keep up with our condo certificate requests without your service.”
Bonita A., Alliance Insurance
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