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EOI Direct serves millions of homeowners throughout the country.
Established in 2002, we are the leading provider of community association certificates of insurance. We work with the largest insurance agents and serve the largest lenders, closing agents, and property management firms nationwide.
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Whether you're buying a property, refinancing a property, getting a home equity loan, or have an existing loan, EOI Direct provides the proof of insurance lenders require.
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Offering the convenience of Auto Renewals

All certificate orders provide the option of enrolling in our auto renewal program. You provide the additional information needed to enroll, specify the number of years you want to be enrolled, and we'll send you updated certificates every time there's a change to the insurance policy.

account_balanceLenders & Closing Agents
Proof of insurance delays can delay loan closings risking interest rate locks. EOI Direct allows you to customize certificates of insurance with lender and borrower information, and get your proof of insurance within minutes.
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real_estate_agentMortgage Brokers & Realtors
EOI Direct facilitates one of the final document customizations as part of loan closing in a community association. We help mortgage brokers and realtors with fast turnaround of certificates of insurance that can otherwise threaten the commission they earn on loan transactions.
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demographyInsurance Agents & Insurance Brokers
Customizing master policies for each homeowner, and homeowner’s lender, creates costly administrative needs for an agency. EOI Direct offers a standardized solution for insurance agents and insurance brokers that streamlines this laborious process. Our focus on service and phone support sets EOI Direct apart, and frees up agency time for more productive areas of their business.
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homeHomeowners & Property Managers
Serving millions of homeowners across the nation, EOI Direct helps new homebuyers and existing homeowners close their loans and avoid forced-placed insurance on existing loans. Our website offers 24x7x365 access to policy information when you need it most. We support the website with a helpdesk comprised of bi-lingual representatives to assist over the phone in English and Spanish. Last-minute certificate needs are no longer a headache for property managers and homeowners. Many of the insurance agencies that have joined EOI Direct, came at the encouragement of property management firms knowing the impact of delays on receiving timely proof of insurance.
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